Manage all your provider's information in just one place


BiSourcing provides a 360º visualization to the provider, thanks to the possibility of compiling and analyzing all the information from three principal sources:

    1. Documental Information
    2. Provider's Pre-qualification
    3. Performance Evaluation

Each one of them additionally provides a factor of the provider's general qualification.


  • Provide complete, trustable, reliable, and updated information over the registered providers.
  • Facilitate access to the provider's information from every part of the globe.
  • Identify and classify providers according to the impact that it has over the business.
  • Select more appropriate providers according to the supplying project.
  • From the generated indicators, create improvement plans and their development with the provider.


BiSourcing counts with updated information from more than 2.500 regional, national, and international providers.



1. Documental Information Summary

Through BiSourcing, is created a collaborative environment which is given and updated by the provider, with all the documents and information about your company in different relevant aspects for our organization. In this way, identify the correct capability, endurance, and execution of a contract or a particular order.

  • Count with permanent information and documentation updated by the provider.
  • Find the appropriate provider according to the project specific needs in supplying. All in an integrated way and without using an external platform.



2. Pre-qualification

This activitycan be executed by employees of your own organization or through AracniaStudios with an additional charge. (Más información sobre este servicio).

The objective of this activity is verify and qualify the provider's given infomration during the register phase, in aspects such as:

  • Juridic Information
  • Financial Capacity
  • HSE
  • General an Specific Experience
  • Organizational Structure
  • Quality
  • {icon | fa-check Restrictive Lists (Clinton, controller, etc) (Only visuble for the provider)

Each of the required categories can be assigned to a proffessional intern specialized with the area. In the same way, BiSourcing counts with analysis and evaluation tools with the purpose of identifying the provider's financial capacity (hiring K), and the visualization of multiple financial indicators to paying, encumbrance, and rentability levels such as (Current reason, inactivity, asset's rentability, patrimony, and more). Having in mind, the verification and evaluation of documental and financial aspects, it can de regulated a better decision making about to the possibility of inviting the provider to participate in the requesting process of a specific offer. In case you are a provider with experience (have executed contracts or PO's for your company), it will be considered the history of the evaluation execution of contracts and PO's.

The resulted analysis is transformed in a strategic tool in the different contractual negotiations.



3. Performance Evaluation

Through this functionality BiSourcing provide you the capacity of evaluating the contract execution and/or purchase orders or services.

By BiSourcing your company involves the provider into a long-term continued improvement process, realizing objective evaluations with quanlitative and quantitative criteria for each order and/or contract. This evaluation, constantly drives to the elaboration of a performance improvement plan with the provider, linked to qualified objectives and performance indicators for each plan.

This process motivates the provider to compromise with the different results and makes an improvement effort even more transparent, with the purpose of developing a lasting association.

The periodic evaluation of the provider's performance (KPI's providers) is a fundamental component for the management of risk and continued improvement, activities completely supported by BiSourcing.

Through the analytical tools of BiSourcing, it can be obtained a huge amount of indicators of multiple sources, to consolidate these indicators in the provider's qualification, providing an objective and quantitative feedback of users from every point of the company.