Under a 100% web technology, Suite BiSourcing offers the companies a complete environment of adjustment and the management of processes of strategic supplies. It has been design to increase the efficiency and automate the purchasing roles, having always in mind the vertical integration schemes with the suppliers and lender services, through areas as: 

comite contratos dark
(Registro Único de Contratistas y Proveedores)

precalificacion dark
(Plan Anual de compras y contratos)

urna dark
(e-Sourcing, e-Procurement y Subastas Electrónicas)

gestion compras dark
(Administración y seguimiento de órdenes de compra individual y MPO (Expediting)

subastas dark
(Administración, seguimiento y evaluación de Contratos)

evaluacion ofertas dark
(Gestión de Requerimientos y requisiciones)

BiSourcing™ is adjusted to achieve the current law 1150 and its regulations. BiSourcing strongly supports the planning, management, administration and evaluation of the supplying cycle.

The Provider's Website

Consolidate the provider's activities in only one place to get to know everything about the relationship with your clients. The purchaser can count that its providers are working in the same system as them, making easier the management of all the providers as strategic partners. The website reduces the manual duplication of paperwork such as orders, contracts, offers and bills. This gives the transparent of the process that the providers are looking for when they constantly call to ask about something specific. For example, the status of a solicitation process of a RFP proposal or when something is paid. From the provider's view the capacities are:

  • Check the invited negotiation processes (RFX), for the presentation of offers and clarification questions.
  • Manage and update the information of the catalogue of all the goods and services offered.
  • Consult and track the pruchase orders and/or contracts.
  • Check the bills payment program.
  • Manage and update the information and documentation of your register.