Manage and control the developement of your buying orders

BiSourcing allows the control and tracking process starting from the buying orders requests to delivery evaluation.

During this process intervenes multiple internal and external actors to the organization in order to accomplish each of the involved activities, generating a collaborative and integral work environment.

BiSourcing, allows the creation and emission of punctual buying orders as well as the "Request" execution to Master Purchase Orders (MPO) or contracts, everyone of them will carry on their own particular work flow that will affect the MPO execution in an authentic way, avoiding a possible under-execution of itself.

Besides of the obtained efficiencies in all the buying chain, BiSourcing contributes to a better control of all the costs by the assignations of automatic sales orders to the providers with the best prices and delivery tmes, according to the MPO (Master Purchase Orders) agreed conditions and through the suitable appropriate workflow application, approbation, and technical verification, always promoting the coherence between the real expenses and the budget.

The repetitive requests identification functions linked with the (REQ) unit, allows the buyers to group a certain amount of requests and elaborate an appropriated e-sourcing event under the modalities (RFx, Auction), gaining huge benefits with the economies of scale.



  • Execute in a controlled and collaborative way the pruchase orders processes.
  • Generate indicators and reports of the process.
  • Create early alarms in front of the collaborative workflow of purchase order.