Find the best market value

BiSourcing allows the creation of punctual offer reception processes by the electronic auction modality, with multiple benefits in a short term, speeding up the re-negotiation activities corresponding to the consecution of the better price in the market in a very short time.

BiSourcing is one of the few tools in the market that can generate "multitem" offer reception environments woth multiple evaluation variables (Dynamic Offer Arrangement), this is the capacity to request for thousand of offered items simultaneously by additional variables to the unitary price as: delivery time, brand, origin, guarantee, or any that the purchaser requests. For more information of the best practices for the auction process, consult in the next document.

AracniaStudios provides the creation service and tracking the auction's processes for goods and services acquisition, or, for buying the unproductive assets with an additional charge.

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  • Obtain significant savings in the offer requests processes.
  • Significantly reduce the re-negotiation time.