The complete solution for Sourcing and Procurement.

The solution of e-procurement of BiSourcing, provides the capacity to model negotiation processes and  extreme collaboration for the different phases of the supplying process, all from the compilation of requirements of the unfolding contract, including the identification of the providers, the evaluation, and the requested management. 

The purchasers accomplished their activities from the beginning to the end, always with clarity and the facility of creating a supplying project with only few clicks.

BiSourcing allows to follow all the activities of the providers, thanks to a powerful auditor motor. It defines the different phases of the offers reception and the definition of the multiple responsible to evaluate the provider's answers and proposals. Additionally, it allowa the opening of derivative negotiation processes (new rounds).

At the process clousure, the purchasers count with comparative analytic tools of proposals over the qualitative and quantitative basic criteria that allows the selection of the most favorable proposition.

At last, BiSourcing provides reports and analytical tools of important and valuable information for the strategic desicion making process.




  • Allow the strategic structure management to the supply projects.
  • Generate collaborative environments between the different internal and external actors of the process.
  • Secure transparent environments, and completely traceable operations that can generate confidence to providers and internal users.
  • Buy the adequate service levels with the best price of the market.
  • Save distribution time in proposal requests, compilation, and analysis of answers.