Standardize the principal goods of your supplying process

A great number of transactions that are realized through BiSourcing, are related with the goods and services prices, in this way, BiSourcing, provides the 4 evolution routes of a catalogued item out of planning (PACC), the offers requests (RFX), Contracting (Contract), and the execution (Billing or WO). Identifying and buying planned vs. valued, hired vs. effective execution. Transforming into one of the most powerful and useful Business Smart Tool (BI) in BiSourcing. 

As a complement  of this function, BiSourcing provides at any instant the history and/or comparative of the valued prices from providers in different processes of RFX and prices which have historically been acquired for goods and services catalogued and non-catalogued through the purchase order tracking unit (PO).


  • Give quality information for the budget planning.
  • Allow buyers and users identify, estimate, and measure the value of a requirement or RFX.
  • Standardize the goods and services codification.
  • Generate a business intelligence environment.