Minimize the contracting risk

The supplier pre-qualification service, allows the purchasing and contracting units concentrate in strategic and non-operative activities. Give our company the responsibility of maintaining permanently the RUPC (Unique register of providers and contractors) updated and in your disposition.


  • Reduce the risk in the contracting, thanks to the supplier's correct selection.
  • Count with updated information from the provider's RUPC.

Service Activities

  • Standardization of pre-qualification models by provider type, according to your company specifications.
  • Request and recollection of supplier's information.
  • Early alerts of documental renovation.
  • Provider verification and its principal partners in 10 restrictive lists.
  • Verification of the truthfulness of the presented docuementation.
  • Supplier classification in economic activities.
  • Verification and comparison between the annexed results status and the received financial information.

Aracniastudios pre-qualifies their suppliers under two principal models:

By Demand

Under this model, AracniaStudios pre-qualifies the providers lists requested by your company.

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Fee by Agreed Capacity

This model allows to count with permanently updated information of the registered providers lists in your RUPC. The updated register and pre-qualification is monthly realized for the accorded list under a permanent monthly charge. The initial pre-quailification activity of requested providers is financed under a "By Demand" model once, later is monthly financed applying the "Fee by Agreed Capacity" model.

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