If your comapny requires the realization of a competitive process of offer reception, for goods and services acquisition or non-productive assets sale, AracniaStudios supports you during all the process.


  • Guarantee an efficient auction process, strong and without any complication.
  • Generate a truthful and transparent environment with providers.
  • Maximize the save/income.

Service Activities 

  • standardize BiSourcing to the corporate image of your company.
  • Pre-qualification offers (optional) - See: Supplier's Pre-qualification Services
  • Support in the referenced terms definitions and/or sheets. (Optional)
  • Register and capacitation for providers.
  • Set up of tracking of the auction process.
  • Helping table to the provider and administrator in schedule (5x8).
  • Generation of personalized reports of the process in the next 6 work hours.

If you need a estimate of this service, please click on the nect link: More information