BiSourcing is an extended and integrated platform for modeling the management process of the strategic supplies.


It was developed as a complete e-business system in the purchasing, contracting and suppliers areas. BiSourcing™ is a permanent updated and revonated product which is constantly adjusting to the different market, technology and envorinmental normative needs.

It has been designed to increase the efficiency and automate the purchasing roles, having always in mid the vertical integration schemes with suppliers and lender services.

Why BiSourcing

 Incredible Flexibility

BiSourcing have the ability to adequate different needs and processes of your company, thanks to the regulated structure and quick configuration.

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 Best Cost-Benefit Relationship

BiSourcing is one of the most complete platforms in the market with a quite competitive price, based on the demand and regular cost.

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 Totally Integrated with your ERP

Integrate your ERP with BiSourcing user layer in few minutes, having the best advantages of centralized information and friendly interface for every user.